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Building Services

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Catering To The Residential Sector

ACDC carry out general building maintenance and new works for large defence contractors & smaller domestic clients.

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ACDC Electrical - More Than Just An Electrical Company

While the electrical sector is our core business, this often overlaps building services, for example, when putting a new wall in, or building an extension, installing ducted airconditioning to name just a few. In these cases, power and light are usually requirements. 

Why call in two or more contractors, when you can have all the work done by just one? there are many benefits to this single contractor approach, just a few of these being:

  • One responsibility for the work
  • One bill
  • one company to deal with
  • Everything so much easier for everyone
  • Not to mention the fact that the contractor is not hampered by a different companies schedule.

Of course, the single contractor must be experienced in all the requirements of every aspect of the work, from the building trades and regulatory codes, to the electrical trades and codes.

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ACDC Electrical has this experience in our workforce, and provides residential building and renovation services, including, but not limited to:

  • Electrical Service Changes and Upgrades
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel and Renovations
  • Interior renovations
  • stone, brick and concrete work
  • Internal walls, ceilings, doors, flooring etc
  • External walls, sheds, roofs, patios, decking etc
  • Building extensions

Clearly, we have qualified and competent electricians, but we also have have qualified trades people in the building trades.

We are more than capable of most maintenance and building applications which may be required....   however, for the really significant projects, we would partner with a company who's core business is in the building area.

Our highly trained and professional electrical and construction staff ill make sure your building / renovation or electrical project is completed to your satisfaction, on time, and on budget.

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