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Lighting Maintenance Services

Large and Small Scale Projects

ACDC Electrical Services provides complete lighting maintenance and lighting replacement services for commercial, industrial, educational and sporting facilities.  Offering the latest in energy efficient technology, and lighting options for indoor and outdoor applications, we can brighten your domestic or industrial premises, gym, conference centre, and office / retail space with the best options for your building.

Using fully trained electrical staff and the right equipment to maintain your lighting needs, ACDC Electrical Services is the right choice for your lighting maintenance contractor.


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Design Lighting Installations

Functional, Aesthetic, and Secure

Good lighting design is becoming ever more critical, as ever more stringent controls on energy usage become more commonplace. Lighting should not only perform a simple function, it should also look good too and provide the end user with a uniquely tailored solution to their needs. All too often, off the shelf designs are used and cheap fittings specified, which don't fully meet clients needs or wishes, and in many cases, whilst initially provide a small saving, are more expensive to run over the life of the installation.

We can provide a full site survey and design service, including fully specifying the actual light fittings and controls. Our designs incorporate the latest technology from several leading lighting manufacturers to provide a visually pleasing but highly energy efficient installation.

All installations are designed to meet and exceed Australian regulations, and to also meet the latest buildings regulations.

On larger projects, we also liaise with the manufacturers to ensure that the designs we provide will also satisfy the manufacturers recommendations and therefore attract the full back up services of their design and technical departments.

Our close links to national suppliers and manufacturers also put industry leading service solutions at the disposal of our designers and installers, enabling a quick turnaround time between specification and installation, and large stocks of spares and accessories for future repair or maintenance.


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Design Emergency Lighting Installations

Confidence, Security, Protection, Safety

As with fire and security systems, the majority of buildings now need even a basic emergency lighting system. Whilst the basics of design are relatively simple, it is imperative that these designs fully meet the needs of the Australian Standards and also the requirements of regulatory bodies and local authorities etc.

Our system designs incorporate the latest technology in lighting fittings to ensure that people and property are fully protected, whilst ensuring the lighting systems meet the clients, end users and regulatory bodies' specifications and requirements. It is also important to ensure that the emergency lighting is designed and installed to complement to the design of the area into which it is installed. All too often, cheap bulkhead type fittings are installed where a more aesthetically pleasing, more reliable and better performing unit has been overlooked and would have been far more suitable.

All installations are designed to meet Emergency Lighting System regulations and to also meet the latest buildings regulations where applicable. For major systems, full manufacturer support and design services are utilised ensuring that whatever system or light fittings are specified and installed, it will attract full manufacturer service and support back-up. The majority of lighting manufacturers also provide emergency lighting versions of their fittings ensuring that the emergency lighting design can be fully incorporated into any lighting scheme.

We only specify and install leading manufacturers' equipment and by using large national suppliers, it puts industry leading service solutions at the disposal of our designers and installers, enabling a quick turnaround time between specification and installation and also unrivalled back up for spares and service.

ACDC Electrical Services can also provide an Emergency Lighting testing and maintenance service, either as part of a package, or as a standalone service

You may click on this link to use our online contact page to request more information, or to book a service request to discuss your requirements in more detail., or alternatively, call us on (08) 8972 2235 or mobile 0447 137 972