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Power Points


Power Point Installations

Single, Double, Inside, Outside….. the proper fitting for the application

Extension leads…….   What would we do without them? Yet, we all know they are dodgy to some extent. There will still be a need for the trusty old extension lead, but with the proper installation of the correct power points, you can rest assured that you at least won’t be tripping over cords, not to mention the dangers of shock.

Clearly the best solution is to install the correct number of power points, of the correct rating, and in the correct places.

No matter whether you are in the most modern or the oldest premises on the block, whether it’s a commercial, domestic, or rural environment, there just never seems to be enough power points, and they never seem to be in the right places.

All electrical work, including powerpoints must be installed by a Licenced Electrician, who will supply a Certificate of Compliance to the customer on completion and testing. Apart from the obvious danger involved, non-certified electrical work will definitely negate your insurance coverage.

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Power Points – As Varied As They Come

A Stunning Variety, For All Applications

As with most other things today, there is an endle

ss variety of choice in electrical fittings.

There are so many options that we simply don’t have the space here to describe them all, but for example:

You can combine powerpoints with home entertainment fittings, or with internet connections, or even with USB connections to charge the multitude of devices we have.


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Gangbuster®, multi powerpoints give you the space for all your communication charger essentials.
Upgrade existing single and double outlet (2 gang) powerpoints to a 4 gang or combination plates for your office and home


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Decorator Styling

Powerpoints are now also available in a range of colours and styles, from the classic to the most modern and sophisticated elegance. There will be a style to suit any décor.

Install double outlet (2 gang) or a 4 gang powerpoints in your homes, sheds and carports, offices, in fact, just about anywhere.


Heavy Duty, Outdoor, and Special Applications


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Powerpoints for airconditioning, heating or any major appliance can have the added benefit of inbuilt protection, where their own safety switch is actually incorporated into the unit.

3 phase power supply is often required for various workshop and farm machinery, like lathes, hoists, arc welders, or for spas and pool heaters etc, and of course, application such as these, require the appropriate power outlets.

Outdoor weatherproof powerpoints enable many applications, with complete safety in all weather conditions, and are also impact and corrosion resistant.

The list is endless.

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