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Installation - Phone and Data

Whether Commercial or Domestic Environment - Performance, Reliability, Modularity are Mandatory

ACDC Electrical understands that data installations are now an integral part of not only the modern office and commercial environment, but also of the domestic environment. They have to perform faultlessly with little or no scheduled maintenance sometimes in arduous conditions.

The backbone of any quality Communication Integration Technology System, (CITYS) is in the wiring. ACDC Electrical can prewire your new property to take advantage of tomorrow’s technology for comfort, security and entertainment, while protecting your investment is a vital consideration.

Data networks need to be based upon proven modular solutions that can provide the end users with a flexible installation that can be quickly adapted or added to, ensuring that new requirements can be easily and efficiently met.

Whether part of a complete refurbishment or simply a stand alone installation, ACDC Electrical has the experience in this area to allow us to meet growing demands in complex data and communications projects.

Contilually reviewing new offerings from manufacturers and suppliers allows us to offer a solution tailored to the needs of each individual client rather than just a standard blueprint.

We will work with you to identify areas where additional expansion may be required and provide solutions to this to ensure that the installation has enough spare capacity, whilst keeping initial costs at a reasonable level.

Our licensed electricians have many years experience in phone and data networking, and will work quickly and effectively to ensure installation and commissioning time is kept to a minimum.

Power solutions can also be supplied and installed to provide a complete solution to your data and power needs.


Data Communications Installations

space satellites smallNo matter what anyone may say, faster and more reliable communications are here now, and are here to stay.

The NBN in one form or another is coming......  and it is to be welcomed. But we need to prepare properly for the great boost in speed and throughput which technologies such as this will provide us.

ACDC Electrical recognise that a carefully designed and installed structured cabling system is critical for the foundation of companies trying to compete in the new global market. The quality and performance of your information systems and the networks that they operate on can mean the difference between success and failure.

While success or failure may not be so applicable to the domestic market, preparation for new technologies in data and phone communications is just as important as it is for business.

ACDC Electricals experience in quality structured cabling systems will provide you with the performance and reliability you demend.

Whether you are installing an additional data point, or a complete communications system, the ACDC Electrical team can design, supply and install a network backbone to suit your needs for today and tomorrow.



CAT 6A - Category 6A Data cables

cat6 ethernet smallMany people are familiar with Cat5 network requirements. This is still current, but has to some extent been superceeded by protocols more suitble for the higher speeds we now (or soon will), have available.

These are cable requirements for high performance data networks include Cat6 and Cat 6A.

Cat 6a cables are an improved version of Cat 6 data cables and provide for better performance.

Cat 6 cables are rated at 1 Gbp/s while Cat 6a can achieve up to 10 Gbp/s.

ACDC Electrical licensed staff  have been fully trained on how to install all data cables, including Cat 6a which must be properly installed and terminated to meet specification standards.

Whether its one computer, or a sophisticated network of computers and other devices, the  ACDC Electrical team can provide the experience to satisfy your requirements, and more importantly, to ensure that your system is a "future proofed" as it can be.

Click on this link to use our online facility to book a service request, or this link to our contact page, to request more information, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Wireless and Smart Home Installation 

smart homeACDC Electrical can also design and install a wide range of wireless communications solutions for domestic and commercial customers.

Today, even televisions are considered to be 'smart'. They can connect to the internet, broadcase in superb Dolby sound, and 3D vision. These networks are expanding to include even more devices which are IP compatible. You can use your network to stream video, play games, transfer data between computers, even in some cases, use your television to play recorded programs or music, which are stored on a computer somewhere in your premesis, and not directly connected to the TV. The options in a smart home or office are almost limitess.

Again though, the backbone to getting the most out of your smart home and systems, is the infrastructure which carries the various signals.

Our qualified network engineers can assist you with your infrastructure design and IT systems, whether this be a new requirement, or an upgrade to your existing network.

ACDC Electrical cater for the most commonly used technologies including wireless LAN (WLAN) (802.11A,B,G & N), infra red (IR), radio frequency (RF), fibre optic, and microwave communications.

Our solution can encompass antenna, cabling and active network equipment installation and configuration. And all of this installed professionally, efficiently, and the work tested and certified.

Call us to discuss the benefits of using todays ‘smart home’ technologies, and the best way to get the most out of your systems.


So Will My Internet Speed Be Faster After All Of This?

fast adsl internetThe important thing is that your network speed is different to your internet speed.

Your network speed is related to the infrastructure within your premesis....   the cables and switches and other hardware.

Your internet speed is related to the plan you have in place with your internet provider.

Upgrading your cables wont necessarily make a difference in how fast your internet operates, but it will make a vast difference in transferring data between computers within your premesis. Most modern routers and cards are capable of great speeds, but if your cables cant handle these speeds....  you will get bottlenecks.

Upgrading cables is relatively inexpensive, and is a great investment. If you’re looking to get the best possible speeds out of your network, upgrading the old Cat5 cables to Cat5e or Cat6 wil help.

So, if you transfer lots of data over your network, upgrading your cables will help, and it’s so cheap that you might as well try it out.



Telephone Service & Installation

phonesystems smallWhether its an additional phone line into the spare bedroom, or a complete PABX telephone system for your business, ACDC Electrical can ensure that your communications requirements are provided for, both today, and into the future.

We will discuss your specific current and future reuirements, assess your current infrastructure and cabling, connect phone lines to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) where required, and fully test and certify all of this work.

Phone communication is pivotal for any home or business, and installing the right telephone systems is a must. If a key element of your business is phone communication it is important to provide systems that best suit your needs and minimises costs. ACDC Electrical supplies high quality phone systems and installation, to homes and offices, and can provide the right system to suit your requirements, no matter how big or small they may be.

Possibly in conjunction with your telephone service provider, ACDC Electrical will:

  • Identify the phone line from your premises to the MDF
  • Test all the cabling cabling throughout your premises from the MDF for any faults and rectify these where required
  • Connect the MDF phone line to your infrastructure within to your premises
  • Test all the phone points inside your premises for dial tone, ADSL sync and interference


Contact ACDC Electrical

If you are having problems with your telephone line, or data network cabling for phone, ADSL, fax, security or alarms or would simply like an extra phone or data point installed, call ACDC Electrical on (08) 8972 2235 or mobile 0447 137 972, and talk to one of our friendly staff who will assist you.

Alternatively, you may click on this link to use our online facility to book a service request, or this link to our contact page, to request more information, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.