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Electrical Safety Check

Like most systems, electrical distribution systems are subject to potential damage and wear and tear over the years, and because of this, need to be maintained.

In addition, the use of more technology can add to the load on older electrical systems, and at some point, these need to be reviewed.

Obviously, it is always much better to do this inspection before any problems surface, since electrical problems are not issues which can be overlooked. Often, "out of sight, out of mind" is the approach we take, or to put it another way,  "if its not broken, why fix it?"

This shouldn't be the case with electrical systems, because of the potential for, at the very least, disruption to the daily life we have all come to expect, and at the worst, the potential for harm.

Our homes and commercial properties need to be safe for ourselves, our families, and our work colleagues, not to mention the financial investment involved in properties and contents.


First Of All, The 64 Million Dollar Question (but in reality, not the most important one)

What Will An Electrical Safety Inspection Cost Me?

  • Nothing.
  • ACDC Electrical offers a free electrical safety check of your property (Value $120). This will ensure that your family & property are safe.
  • A safety check involves making sure your electrical circuits and equipment are not overloaded. Deficiencies and potential problems are easily highlighted so that any electrical hazards in the installation can be rectified immediately.

What Is Involved In An Electrical Safety Inspection?

  • A safety check involves making sure your electrical circuits and equipment are not overloaded.
  • Deficiencies and potential problems are easily highlighted so that any real or potential electrical hazards can be rectified immediately
  • Ensuring that earthing or bonding is sound.
  • Ensuring that major permanently connected equipment (stoves, solar arrays, pumps, HWS etc), is electrically sound.
  • Officially signing off on all tests by a qualified and approved tradesman / technician, ensuring a thorough and sound assessment.

During the inspection, the approved tradesman / technician will do a visual audit and perform some detailed tests with approved metering equipment and / or other tools.

You will receive a detailed report providing an assessment of the overall condition of your electrical installation and whether it is safe or in need of remedial work. It will summarise the results of the tests and any limitations that existed when the testing was done along with a list of items that need attention.

When Should I Do An Electrical Safety Inspection?

The simple answer is Now, but an inspection is vital if:

  • Your property is more than 25 years old and has not had an inspection for some time.
  • you have added electrical equipment over the years (eg solar panels, new hard-wired appliances like stoves etc)
  • You have extended your property (eg, new rooms / extensions / pools / spas etc)
  • You have older wiring in your house.
  • You have any concerns about equipment that has been operating erratically, especially if this is older equipment.
  • You are selling your property.

What Benefits Will I Get From An Electrical Safety Inspection?

Many, but the major one is probably, Peace Of Mind.

Among the many other benefits are:

  • Saving you money. We may (for example only), recommend replacing lightbulbs with green energy alternatives,  replacing inefficient devices with more efficient ones,
  • Ensuring your safety
  • Ensuring efficiency in operation
  • and many more suggestions about other power saving options you could undertake.


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