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ACDC's Solar services included the installation and maintenance of 1.5kw to 20kw solar energy and hot water systems. We have various packages and pricing options available to suit your requirements but one thing remains the same, our commitment to providing a good quality, high-performance product. We only use quality solar brands such as SMA and Suntech for our panels and inverters.

One of the simplest forms of using solar power is in a hot water system. A conventional hot water heater contributes to a large amount to your electricity or gas bill. With a solar water heater, you will be able to use hot water at the same temperature you are used to. Enjoy this heated water throughout your home or business, free of charge, courtesy of the sun.

Our Solar Services include:

  • Solar hot water
  • Standalone and grid connected solar design and installation
  • Solar system maintenance


Contact us today about your Solar Requirements.